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she walked off with my son. >> a family pleads for the return of a baby boy. police say his babysitter kidnapped him. tonight there's word the pair might be in the d.c. area. also, still no deal. a live picture from capitol hill, where lawmakers prepare new emergency debt limit plans. but reaching an agreement is going to mean some significant sacrifices. and a house jam-packed full of stuff that's never been used. this woman says she just can't stop shopping. doctors say it is hoarding and it's a serious problem. good sunday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. we'll get to those stories in just a minute. but we start with new developments on those mass killings that have devastated norway. tonight as a nation mourns the loss of 93 people, most of them kids and teenagers, we are getting a look into the mind of the man who police say has already confessed to the crime. tonight, police are poring over a 1,500-page manifesto written by anders breivik.
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in it he writes he wanted to trigger an anti-muslim revolution in norwegian society. many of the passages were taken right from unabomber ted kaczynski. tomorrow breivik will be arraigned in court, charged with terrorism. tonight, nbc's jay gray talked exclusively to breivik's lawyer. >> he believes in a revolution, and he believes the only way he can make the revolution is through violence. >> reporter: you feel as if he's accomplished he's goal? >> well, it's difficult to understand, of course. but in his head he takes pride in this, yes. >> again, breivik's attorney there. meanwhile, the search continued today for those still missing. mourners in this country continue to take in the tragedy as well. here in washington the flag at the norwegian embassy was at half staff today, and flowers were laid in memory of the victims. some developing political news tonight. congressman david wu says he will not seek re-election but he will not resign. that announcement came around
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the same time that house minority leader nancy pelosi called for a formal ethics investigation. a young woman is accusing wu of "an unwanted sexual encounter." there are reports tonight of mounting pressure for the oregon democratic congressman to step down. after a day of intense talks, congressional leaders still do not have a deal on how to raise the nation's debt limit. house republicans and senate democrats polished up rival plans today. lawmakers wanted to have a deal in place to protect foreign markets. that did not happen. nonetheless, asian markets at least have opened without any major swings so far. but many believe the major worry is nine days away. that's when this country would default on its loans unless there's a compromise. >> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. if that's not possible possible, i and my republican colleagues in the house are prepared to move on our own. >> today? >> today.
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>> senate democratic leader harry reid says he has a plan that will meet two of the gop's main criteria, bigger spending cuts and no new taxes. it's a parent's worst nightmare. a baby boy has been missing for more than two days now. police say his 16-year-old babysitter kidnapped him. tonight there's word he might be in the d.c. area. police canvassed neighborhoods in montgomery and prince george's counties tonight lo looking for little ki'yauch. elaine reyes joining us with more on this story. what's the word on the amber alert? >> reporter: well, craig, there is no amber alert at the moment because police don't believe the child is in any danger. however, relatives are also concerned about the baby in the extreme heat and they're hoping someone in this area has seen him. this is baby ki'yauch birch. >> pray for my son. pray he's okay. and pray that ain't nothing been done, no harm to him. he only seven months. >> reporter: he is missing, and
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his family is desperate to get him back. >> my son's father left him in the house with some female and she walked off with my son. and this happened 5:00 yesterday evening and he just calling the police this morning. >> reporter: ki'yauch was last seen with 16-year-old jonae boozer. she was taking care of him. but no one has been able to get in touch with her for more than 24 hours. not even the teenager's parents know where she is. >> she has friends in the prince george's county area. so with that we want as much as possible the plea to get out. because every minute, every second counts, particularly in this hot weather, that we don't want him in a hot car, in a hot home. just make the call. >> reporter: police canvassed the areas where the child and his babysitter were last seen. ki'yauch's family spent the day praying and hoping to hear something. >> i don't know if he's out here in the heat, if he's eaten. we don't know what's going on. >> that's my son. somebody walking around
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baltimore with my son. how you think i feel? >> reporter: now, here's a look at that babysitter again. jonae boozer was last seen wearing a purple leopard-colored top. she has a blond mohawk and multiple facial piercings. she's about 5'4" and weighs about 155 pounds. if you have seen her or the baby, you're asked to call police. craig, back to you. >> elaine reyes from the newsroom for us tonight. elaine, thanks. a man is accused of attacking a maryland state trooper with a knife, but his daughter says there's more to the story. the alleged assault happened at about 6:30 yesterday morning on the inner loop of 495 at 295 near the woodrow wilson bridge. officials say 54-year-old james howard of hyattsville called police after hitting a guardrail. when a trooper got there, police say howard approached the trooper's car and used a kitchen knife to stab him through an open window. but howard's daughter says he would never hurt anyone.
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>> whenever you're in an accident you call the police. okay. but you're not going to call the police on the highway that your car ended up at just to stab them if something's not mentally wrong with you, you know. so something has to be really wrong with my dad for him to do something like this if what they're saying is true. >> police say howard may have been trying to hurt himself by initiating that attack. the trooper was treated and released for stab wounds to his hand. howard remains hospitalized. he will face charges once he's released. a historic and emotional day for new york state as nearly 1,000 same-sex couples tied the knot there. gay marriage became legal at midnight in new york state. anxious couples were already lined up at courthouses. 639 marriage licenses were picked up in new york city alone. at niagara falls one couple who has five children and 12 grandchildren said they could barely believe their moment had arrived. >> i keep thinking there should be something more that i have to do to get here.
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i keep thinking that it's just not real. >> reporter: some protesters rallied outside some of those courthouses, but the celebrations continued as new york became the sixth and largest state to recognize same-sex marriage. many same-sex couples who said their vows today traveled to new york from other parts of the country. but as they returned home, some of the newlyweds will find that their marriage benefits will not follow them. as george lewis reports tonight, differences from state to state make the law very confusing. >> reporter: tom bechtold and steve susy came all the way from los angeles to be married in new york this morning. >> we came to be married because we are not allowed to be married in our own home state. >> reporter: that's because in 2008 californians passed an initiative called proposition 8, outlawing same-sex marriage. >> god's compassion is the glory of life. >> reporter: 18,000 same-sex couples were wed in california before the measure passed. those marriages are still
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considered legal. but any same-sex marriages performed after the passage of prop 8 are not. so when tom and steve return here to los angeles, their marriage will not be recognized as legal by california. they'll have rights as domestic partners but not the same rights as married people. >> this is becoming a gigantic mess. we are going to have states with different laws relating to recognition. >> reporter: new york now becomes one of six states plus the district of columbia where same-sex marriage is legal. in addition, maryland and rhode island have pledged to recognize marriages of same-sex couples from out of state. but 41 other states have said they will not recognize those marriages. and under the defense of marriage act, neither will the federal government. ron wallen from indio, california says the law is hurting him. he married his partner, tom corollo, but now that tom has died ron is ineligible for social security survivor's benefits and he's forced to sell
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their home. >> we should most assuredly be allowed to have every single right that our fellow americans have. >> reporter: rights now being fought over state by state and at the federalevel. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> according to a new pew research center poll, the american public is evenly split on gay marriage. 45% are in favor. 46% are opposed. still ahead tonight, when a collection turns into an addiction. >> this is my pant collection. >> but you don't wear pants. >> but i don't wear pants. >> meet a woman whose hoarding problem is taking over her life. also, the woman who's accusing dominique strauss khan of sex assault. why she says she waited before reporting the alleged crime. we'll hear from her. and a long line to meet an up-and-coming author. the life or death battle that prompted that local boy to start writing. chuck bell, what you got, buddy?
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>> oh, craig, i have some very good news. we will not be setting any more heat records for the next couple of days. some welcome changes are finally coming in our direction. i'll give you a complete check of the workweek forecast coming up. hakem, what you got in sports? coming up after the news on "sports final," a pastor channels his inner ricky bobby at a nascar race. a special day for a former baltimore oriole at the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown. and what the redskins should do in free agency. tnt's david aldridge
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she likes to collect things like secondhand clothes, for example. >> during the day it's concession shops in the evening in the auctions. >> reporter: today she's shopping for dresses to add to the hundreds she already owns. >> okay, lynne. this is your pant collection. >> this is my pant collection. >> but you don't wear pants. >> i don't wear pants p. >> reporter: just the sheer mention of her upcoming daughter's wedding led to a new collection, vintage wedding gowns. lynne's already got three bins of them they're all full and she's adding to this collection. lynne was a nurse and 150 pounds heaver. when she lost the weight, she realized clothes now made her feel good. soon she couldn't part with any of them, and she wanted more and more. >> it just got worse and worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: lynne's home is now stuffed. her shower a makeshift closet. a room off her living room another closet. she does sell some of her wares online but she admits she brings in more than she puts out. and her need to acquire has branched off into new
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collections. spinning wheels have taken over her dining room. her stovetop is covered in china. she has more linens than she can count, and none of them have ever been used. lynne's belongings have taken over. and she says she's worried she's become a full-fledged hoarder. >> there is just bags of it. bags of it. and thrown on top of it are more purchases. >> reporter: hartford hospital's dr. david tollan is well known in his area of expertise. he's looking for early signs of the hoarding disorder in lynne. >> does the amount of that stuff get in the way of your ability to use any of the parts of your home? >> reporter: dr. tollan believes lynne is on her way, somewhere early on the hoarding spectrum. >> maybe where we see lynne is right at the beginning of that escalation. what she's told us is that she's always had this acquiring habit. these tendencies have always been there. what she ended up doing was changing her occupation and changing her social life so that they would accommodate that acquiring habit.
11:16 pm
the habit is now starting to get out of control. >> i'm going to go home. i'm getting rid of my clothes. i'm going to make the changes that he suggested. doing other social things with my auction friends. go dancing. go out to eat. things like that. >> reporter: lynne set her session with dr. tollan was inspiring. >> i'm really determined now to make some changes. >> reporter: but just one week later we watched lynne unload her car after what appears to be another successful trip to the auction. >> that was carrie lee maylin reporting there. if you suspect someone you know is a hoarder, it's important to get them help. in extreme cases hoarding can lead to health and safety hazards. all right. turning to the weather now. >> yeah. >> it's going to be relatively cooler? >> yes. we are still not going to have any cold snap coming your way anytime soon. i don't want to get your hopes up falsely. nonetheless, some cooler days are coming back. temperatures actually closer to average for a change.
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it's good to be average every once in a while. outside right now on a sunday night, still awfully soupy outside. if you haven't been outside in the last couple of hours or last couple of days, you haven't missed much. not much has changed yet. current temperatures still 86 degrees at national airport as you look at the jefferson memorial alongside the tidal basin in downtown d.c. there. 86 our current temperature. the dew points are in the mid 70s right now. so the heat index still remains very high at 94. for the record today, our high 97 degrees after another record-tying 84 degree start this morning. and reagan national now has not been below 80 degrees since thursday morning. this is an amazing weather statistic. not below 80 since 8:00 a.m. thursday morning. this is now 87 hours in a row and counting. the old record was only 68 hours, set last july. so this is an unbelievable stretch of warm weather that we've endured around here.
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temperatures right now mid 80s in the urban corridor to upper 70s out across parts of the more rural areas. heat indices still in the mid 90s here in town. finally getting below the 90 degree mark in a lot of spots. your planner for tomorrow, start off fairly dry, mid 80s by 8:00 a.m. low 90s by lunch time. back into the upper 80s by late in the day and a pretty good chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. live doppler shows not much going on for this evening. a couple of showers down here i-95 just south of fredricksburg. that's about it. a few sprinkles onto the eastern shore. satellite picture shows more showers and unsettled weather just back out to our west. but the mugginess that we've been enduring on the move. a little weather front coming our way late monday night into early tuesday morning will push the oppressive air finally out to sea for only a couple of days. and then finally slightly cooler and noticeably less humid air in place for tuesday afternoon and for wednesday. so get you started in the morning. warm and humid. maybe a sprinkle or two. nothing serious, though. should be a dry start.
11:19 pm
74 to 80 in town. then for tomorrow mostly cloudy. a 60% chance of needed showers tomorrow. one or two of those storms could be severe. we'll keep you posted on that during the day. if you're headed on down to the beach, good weather at the coastline for tomorrow, and it will be a fine week at the beach as well. our week-long forecast around here 93 tomorrow, 90 on tuesday. tuesday afternoon and wednesday will be lovely. thursday back to 95 and by late in the week back into the upper 90s with heat indices over 100. you can always follow the forecast on our website or you can follow me on twitte twitter @chuckbell 4. >> it was a matter of time. still to come, those strong words from amy winehouse's mother a day after her death. plus, coming up in sports, the nationals go down swinging.
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football fans are crossing their fingers tonight. members of the nfl players association are reportedly on their way to washington as we
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speak. that's because they will be voting tomorrow on a new collective bargaining agreement. if they approve that deal, the lockout soon ends and players will start preparing for the fall. and hakem dermish joining me now. i said earlier on twitter that we know that football season is upon us because there are already rumors that brett favre might be coming back. that's how you know it's football season. >> let me tell you right now. he is not coming back. right now. okay? >> i should write it down. >> no chance. >> i got a buck on hakem's side. >> no chance brett favre is coming back. i'm going to talk a little baseball. the nats struck out in los angeles today big-time. they won the opening series on friday easily but then crumbled over the weekend. today against the dodgers the nats struck out 13 times and fall to 9-14 under manager davey johnson. top of the first pick it up no score. michael morse up with the bases loaded swing a hot bat here. rips one to left. roger bernadina comes in to score from third.
11:23 pm
morse's 55th rbi of the season. but that's all they get. chad billingsley, well, he was awesome here in the top of the first after that. blows it by jayson werth. werth was 0 for 3 with two k's. now has 99 strikeouts this season. bottom of the first, jason marquis pitching to aaron miles here. two on, two out. miles gets the best of him. base knock to center. that placed andre ethier. then here comes the relay throw from danny espinosa. jesus flores at home plate can't handle it. and matt kemp is safe. that's all the dodgers would need. the nats lose 3-1. they have the day off tomorrow before starting a nine-game home stand. all right. in baltimore check out the sign. i'm five years old, love the orioles. os against the angels. she would love this, craig melvin. bottom six 3-0 angels. adam jones up with two outs. man on. two-run shot to center. his 18th of the year.
11:24 pm
os cut the lead to 3-2. worrell facing trout. trout, the youngest player in the majors, crushes it. look at the fan making the the catch. they should put him out there. trout's first major league home run. part of a five-run inning. tennis now,castles playing st. louis for the world team tennis championship. weather made it a long night, folks. play was stopped three times because of rain. mixed doubles is where we start. kassells in the near court. this is more of a defensive shot than anything. but it works. coach murphy jensen. he's fired up. says way to go, buddy, way to go, pal. way to go, guys. then in women's doubles, rodionova, stubbs. coach jensen stoked. right now the kastles are winning, trying to become the first team in world tennis team history to finish the season andmost season undefeated.
11:25 pm
winning now over st. louis. coming up on "sports final" the baseball hall of fame enshrined three new names this afternoon. we'll show you who is now part of baseball immortality. tnt sports reporter david aldridge joins us on the roundtable to discuss the ending of the nfl lockout and the latest on the nba lockout plus caps process paquette. cooperstown dreams park tournament. i'm going there next weekend because my little brother plays in it. they are the first maryland team to win it all at the dreams park. i love it. only pirates. after months of silence the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of rape comes forward. how she says she found out that ♪
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amy winehouse's mother says her daughter seemed "unwell" the day before her death. janice winehouse told a british newspaper she saw her daughter friday and she described her daughter as out of it and said "it was only a matter of time." the 27-year-old grammy award winner struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. today fans placed flowers and candles outside her home where she was found dead yesterday. tomorrow an autopsy will be performed to figure out precisely how amy winehouse died. the now infamous maid who is accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexually assaulting her is breaking her silence. nafissatou diallo talked to "newsweek." she explained in detail what strauss-kahn did in a new york hotel room last may and how she says she escaped. she said, "i ran to the hallway. i was so nervous. i was so scared.
11:29 pm
i did not want to lose my job." diallo also explained her surprise when she found out who strauss-kahn was. she said, "i watched channel 7 and they say this is the guy, he is going to be the next president of france, and i think they are going to kill me." prosecutors have not decided whether to move forward with charges against strauss-kahn. his lawyer did issue a statement tonight saying in part diallo is lying and trying to inflame public opinion. after the break, a little boy with a big need and the big idea. his campaign to raise money for
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there was a long line outside a book signing in alexandria today, and it was all
11:32 pm
for an author who is just 7 years old. evan moss has had epileptic seizures most of his life. a specially trained dog could help detect his seizures and make them less severe. a local charity stepped up, but his family still has to come up with about $13,000 to help pay for that dog. so what did evan do? he wrote a book to raise money. >> it's about me and what my seizure dog will do for me. it only took me about three days or so. >> three days or so. you can follow evan's progress, and you can also learn how to get a copy of his book by going to his blog. it's dog for right there on your s
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